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Words Into Action

 Many ideas have been put forward in the literature in support of explicit instruction to assist learners. Tracy Hall talks of certain standard design components which are essential for effective literacy instruction. They are: Conspicuous strategies, big ideas, mediated scaffolding, primed background knowledge, strategic integration and judicious review. More on these ideas can be read from Explicit Instruction by Tracey Hall (2009).

Conspicuous Strategies

Explicit instruction calls for conspicuous strategies.
  Clear information as to what to do before, during and after the learning session should be communicated. In teaching reading to early readers for instance, the teacher uses modeling to show the child exactly how words are segmented or blended. Helping children understand morphology and the part it plays in vocabulary and comprehension of text could set them on track to becoming better readers.

Mediated Scaffolding

Explicit instruction requires strategies that allows for teacher-child as well as child-child engagement. One such strategy is mediated scaffolding. It allows for teacher/peer support in accordance with the needs of the learner. Shared reading is one such activity that offers both teacher and peer support.